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LuckyCoin App Review: The Improved Way to Organize Coins

Do you have trouble remembering what coins are in your collection, or do you want an easy way to keep track of how many coins are left to complete an album? LuckyCoin app presents a great way for coin collectors to monitor their collections.

A few weeks ago I was browsing through coin posts on Instagram when I stumbled across the LuckyCoin app’s instagram page. As someone with a lot of coins and poor natural organizational skills this sounded like a great way for me to store data about my coin collection.

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This article is my honest review, and although I have been in contact with the developer, Matt, it will not affect the review portion of the article. This review was not paid for.


I was able to get in contact with Matt while working on this review. It was great to talk to another coin collector, especially one who is also creating a resource for other numismatists. In my e-mail correspondence with Matt I asked him to tell me what inspired him to create the LuckyCoin app and he wrote:

I would say that I discovered coin collecting when I was 8 years old when my parents bought me a 50 States Quarter album. I became obsessed with trying to fill every slot and always looked through change to see if there were any coins that I didn’t have.

Over many years, my collection grew and it became necessary to write down which coins I needed if going to coin shows or anywhere else I did not have access to my collection to keep track of them all. This is where I got the idea from.

Matt, creator of LuckyCoin

LuckyCoin App’s Mission

The goal of the LuckyCoin app is to make organizing and cataloguing coins easier and mobile. It is helpful for coin collectors to have access to their collection at coin shows, coin shops, and even when coin roll hunting to easily track what coins are missing from their collection.



The LuckyCoin app is really easy to use, which is it’s best feature. Other phone apps to organize your collection require more steps to catalog coins you own. By simply tapping on a coin in the Lucky Coin app it can be added to your collection.

LuckyCoin Screenshot
“Coins” tab shows your progress.

It is also simple to customize how the app sorts through coins by applying different filters. You can choose how you want coins sorted by age, mintmark, and whether or not they are already in your collection.

LuckyCoin Screenshot
I chose to collect by mintmark, but I could also collect by date.

A similar app is CoinsChecker, which is a very similar concept, with poorer execution. LuckyCoin is faster, more attractive, and more intuitive to use than CoinsChecker.


In the ‘Summary’ tab you can find informative data about your collection. It includes: total number of coins, how many unique years you own, the face value, your oldest coin, and how complete your albums and sets are.

LuckyCoin Screenshot Summary
My Summary Tab in LuckyCoin

The data is interesting, and also presents the most room for growth in the app. As more data is added to the application, this tab could tell a user lots of interesting data about their collection.


My biggest complaint with the app is that it takes a long time to input all the coins in your collection. For example, I have all the shield cents except for the 2013P. I don’t want to have to click every coin in the Shield series just to let myself know I can’t find a 2013 penny.

A helpful feature would be the ability to scan Whitman albums and have the app know which coins are present and which are missing.

Although there are certain aspects of the app that could enhance its usefulness, I have yet to encounter any bugs in the app. (Which is a feat in itself!)

Future Updates

The app is very new, but the developer, Mike, is consistently updating the app and looking for ways to improve LuckyCoin. Here is what Matt told me he plans to add to the LuckyCoin app:

  • Share your collection to view in the app
  • Take photos of your coins
  • Add mintage figures
  • Add silver content values
  • Add variety & error coins, proofs and foreign coins

Matt has a clear vision for where he wants the app to go and it was obvious from talking to him that he has the motivation to improve this app and make it a staple in any coin collector’s toolbox.

Final Thoughts

I like this app a lot! I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to catalogue their collection.

I am excited to see how this app improves in the future. As more data gets integrated into the app, a numismatist could quickly access helpful information with LuckyCoin.

LuckyCoin Website Click Here

Have you tried the app? Add any comments or your own review in the comments below!

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