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Top 10 Best Gifts for Coin Collectors and What Makes Them Great!

I have been collecting coins for 4 or 5 years now, that is a lot of birthdays, Christmases, and Valentines Days 😉 .

Buying gifts for someone else’s hobby is challenging, especially if you don’t know much about it. Fear not, for I am here to help!

I’ve made this list from gifts I either have received or would like to receive as a coin collector. Some of these gifts may seem childish, but I’m 23 years old and I promise you that I would be ecstatic to receive any one of these as amazing gifts. Coin collecting awakens your inner child!

I have included gifts to fit any budget. From cheap to more more expensive, I have included presents for anyone looking to buy something special for a hobby numismatist.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Although I do make money off of sales made from my links, I do provide reasoning for why I have recommended each product below. Many items I own myself! Thank you for supporting my site.

Here are my top ten best gifts to buy for someone who collects coins:

1.) Abraham Lincoln Penny Poster!

Ah, the classic penny, a staple for U.S. coin collectors.

This is a great gift because it is something a coin collector would be unlikely to buy it for themselves.

One of the most frustrating parts about collecting valuable coins is the inability to display them. Many collectors feel uncomfortable displaying valuable coins because they are afraid of them being stolen.

By giving your favorite coin collector a Penny Poster, you give them a talking piece for their house. And, if there is anything coin collectors love besides coins,… it’s talking about coins!

It takes 864 pennies to complete the poster, so if you do purchase this item, stop by the bank to grab them some pennies. Which is a great bonus gift!

2.) Metal Detector

Hands-down, a metal detector is one of the greatest gifts related to coin collecting I have ever received.

Metal Detectors take the coin collecting hobby out of the house and into… anywhere! I have metal detected at beaches, parks, and forests.

I found coins buried in my front lawn within an hour of receiving this gift! There is a learning curve to using a metal detector, but it’s actually easier than it looks.

I own a Garret Ace 400, which is a great metal detector! Here I am recommending the Garret Ace 300. It has a lot of the same features, is great for a beginner, and has a cheaper price tag. (I’m looking out for you!)

3.) Precious Metals

Lots of coin collectors enter the hobby because they are looking for precious metals like silver or gold.

If buying a coin is too intimidating, you can stick to buying your numismatist precious metals. This is easier than buying coins, since you can just stick to buying the metal based on weight and a design you would think they would like, no worrying about the year or mintage numbers.

I am recommending an American Silver Eagle because they are highly sought after by coin and precious metal collectors. I will be recommending 2 buying methods depending on your comfort levels.


You can find cheaper silver online, but for buyers new to precious metal purchasing this is a good purchase since it comes in a case with a certificate of authenticity. No need to worry about shady Ebay sellers.

Click Here to View on Amazon!

Money Metals Exchange:

It is usually cheaper to buy from American Silver Eagles from Money Matals Exchange than from Amazon. Money Metals Exchange is the better option if you want to buy in bulk, and are not worried about having a certificate of authenticity. (Also, you can pay with cryptocurrency, wire transfer, or Paypal!)

Click Here to View on Money Metals Exchange!

4.) Magnifying glass

In order to take coin collecting to the next level, it’s important to have a magnifying glass. A magnifying glass can help you identify errors, check for post-mint damage, and give the coin an accurate grading.

You want a magnifying glass with a comfortable handle, as the coin collector may be looking through it for several hours.

I would also recommend getting one with a built-in light. Getting the perfect angle of lighting on a coin to notice any imperfections on a coin is challenging. It is much easier when the magnifying glass has one already installed.

I would recommend this magnifying glass from Amazon. I like it because it has swappable zooms and a built-in light. (It doesn’t come with batteries unfortunately, but it does take AAA whereas many magnifying glasses with lights require small watch batteries.)

5.) Coin/Jewelry Scale

This gift may seem boring, but this is an essential part of a coin collectors toolkit!

Weighing a penny can tell you if it is a 1982 zinc or a 1982 copper penny (which could lead you to a very valuable discovery).

It can also help you identify a coin’s authenticity! Coins have very specific weights and a small margin of error to be within those weights. I have used my coin scale to help me identify silver coins. Ka-Ching!

This is the scale I use to measure my coins. It works great, plus it comes with a cover, and a little baggy to carry it in. The best part is that it can measure weight in Troy Ounces which is the standard for gold and silver.

6.) Display Cases

If the Abraham Lincoln Penny Poster seemed too tacky for your coin collector, then a display case is the perfect classy gift. There is no better way to brag about being a coin collector than by displaying coins around the house.

If you really want to spruce up this gift, buy a coin to put in the display case before you give it to them!

I like these floating display cases because they really capture people’s attention. Plus, unlike larger cases, I can choose to display a single important coin at a time. And, it’s a great way to protect coins from damage.

7.) Books on Coins

Coin collecting is not just about buying expensive coins or collecting spare change off the street. It takes tons of research and expertise to know what coins are valuable.

While there is plenty of information available online, it’s helpful to have an easy to reach book nearby that compiles everything you could possibly want to know.

The red “Guide Book of United States Coins” is the Holy Grail to coin enthusiasts. Learning from this book takes you from a hobby coin collector to a distinguished numismatist. (A fancy word for a coin collector.)

8.) Whitman Albums

If your coin collector is new, or particularly disorganized, then a Whitman folder makes a great gift.

These coin-holding folders are well-known and well-regarded in the coin collecting community. Even my grandfather stores his coins in Whitman albums!

The best part about a Whitman album is that they can be discreet or visible coin storage. Putting a single Whitman album on a bookshelf makes it virtually undetectable due to its thin size. But, you can also leave it propped up on a shelf if you want your coins visible.

If you don’t know which Whitman album to buy for a first time collector, then I would recommend starting with the 1975-2013 Whitman album for pennies. This should be a pretty easy one to fill for beginners. For a seasoned collector, a Whitman album for Peace or Morgan Dollars may be a better fit.

9.) Coin Jewelry

This is a gift that works for male or female numismatists. I have coin rings and necklaces, but you can also find coin watches, bracelets, belt buckles, and money clips!

Many of these items are available from Etsy or Amazon and are handmade!

Here I am recommending the State Quarter Ring or the Mercury Dime Necklace! I am wearing both as I type this. These make a great gift because both can be worn daily and neither are as gaudy as other coin jewelry. People rarely notice my ring is made from a quarter or that my necklace is a real dime!

Click Here to View the State Quarter Ring on Amazon!
Click Here to View the Mercury Dime Necklace on Amazon!

10.) More coins!

This is a really thoughtful gift that I wish more friends and family were open to.

Often times, my friends have been intimidated by the thought of buying coins for me saying, “I wouldn’t know what to get!”

Having a coin given to me buy a friend is not about the coin they buy or where it is from, it’s about the fact that the coin was given to me BY THEM. I have several coins I cherish simply because they were given to me by a special friend.

Coin collectors love the history of coins. Why not intertwine your own history into a coin by buying something special for them?

If you need any more help picking a gift for a coin collector, feel free to visit my Contact Page and send me a message! I would love to help!

What was your favorite gift you ever received? Leave a comment below!

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